Panorama Nova Dive

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Dräger Panorama Nova Dive | FFM

The Panorama Nova Dive, designed for professional and demanding diving use.

The cold water resistant full face mask has several connection options for regulator, underwater communication and residual pressure warning. The mask has a separate exhalation valve.

  • Plug-in connection for the mechanical residual pressure warning system
  • Pressure compensation through easy handling of two nose clips, to be operated from the outside
  • Quick release system of the mask by two handles on the sides
  • Possibility to connect microphone unit for underwater communication on both sides
  • Additional exhaust valve allows to easily blow out water that has entered the mask
  • Wide field of vision, while at the same time low internal mask volume
  • 5-point banding ensures a tight fit of the mask body
  • Mask body is made of weather resistant EPDM
  • Breathing connection for second stage DRÄGER Secor 7000 P-Con (not included)
  • Mask allows diving applications up to a max. depth of 50 m

This product is approved according to:

EN 250:2014 - (EU) 2016/425
CE 0158

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