Schwimmkabel mit Bananen Stecker

Artikelnummer: 901310

  • Material: High Strength Twaran Aramid Fiber Braid / Foamed Thermoplastic Polyurethane Jacket
  • Breaking Strength of Rope with Wire: 2,592 lbs.
  • Wires: 4 x 22 Gauge Conductors / Twisted, Shielded Pairs
  • Colors: Blue or Yellow
  • Standard lengths:
    • 30m
    • 50m
    • 60m
    • 100m
  • Custom lengths up to 300m available on request
  • Configuration:
    • Diver's end: Hi-USE® OTS Connector
    • Tender's end: Banana plugs (Red & Black)

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Floating Communications Cables were made with Public Safety and Aquarium divers in mind. This buoyant cable helps minimize entanglements hazards by keeping the bulk of the cable on the surface.

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