KRAKEN Smart housing Pro

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Kraken Smartphone Case Pro

Perfect underwater photos and videos without an expensive camera. This robust housing expands the range of applications for the smartphone. It is sealed pressure-proof with a vacuum pump and is additionally protected during diving operations thanks to temperature and depth sensors.

  • Universal case
  • Fits all iPhone and popular Android models
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Vacuum connection system
  • Temperature and depth sensor
  • Wide angle and macro lens available
  • Maximum dive depth: 80m
  • Camera control via Dive+ app
  • Kraken Housing Camera app for Android

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KRAKEN Smart Hausing PRO / Universal Hausing, suitable for many common mobile phones

In this case you will find an adjustable shim system that allows you to fit many of the most popular phones on the market. We have also added another great feature, a vacuum connection system! No more worrying about whether your seal is secure. 

Just pull the vacuum pump (included) a few times and the housing will let you know that it has a vacuum and is safe to dive. We also have a wide angle and a macro lens available. The housing is made of anodized aluminum.

Lenses that work with our housing, if you have purchased the optional lens adapter, are

Wide angle

  • KRL-07, KRL-02 and KRL-01


  • KRL-03, KRL-08s and KRL-05S

There are two versions of the housing, one containing a temperature and depth sensor, the other not. This is for the PRO housing, which contains the depth and temperature sensor.

The maximum dimensions of the phone are 158 mm in height, 83 mm in width and 9 mm in thickness. The phone should have a flat back, phones with a curved back will not fit properly into the housing. If your phone has the above dimensions or less, you should have no problems with the casing.

You can find the dimensions of your phone at If the dimensions are smaller than the above maximum, your phone should work fine in our housing.

Evaluation of the maximum depth - 80m262'

We are proud to announce that our case now supports the Dive+ app. With built-in colour correction and compass it is a real turning point! Full manual camera control is supported for iOS and Android. You can find the app in the Playstore or App Store or visit

Our original Kraken app is still functional and can be found in the App Store or downloaded for Android using the button below. However, all further developments will take place on the Dive+ app.


Android users - please try our latest app option. Download "Kraken Housing Camera" from the Playstore Store or from this link

To use it, simply go to the settings, activate the remote control and then select your housing from the available remotes.

The housing fits ALL iPhone models, including the latest 11 Pro Max

The case will fit most flagship Android phones, including Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3\4, just check the dimensions, if it is within these maximum dimensions, it will work!

Samsung Note 9 will NOT fit.

We do not have the opportunity to test all phones available on the market. Check the dimensions of your phone, if it is below the maximum dimensions above, your phone will work. If your phone is larger than the maximum dimensions, it will not fit into the casing.